Section of Law

Researches at the Section of law include the projects such as the international economic law, anti-monopoly law, administration and regulation for consumer behavior and problems, contemporary issues on labor contracts, and formation of European Union labor law.

The project on international economic law comprises (1) international comparisons on the present status and the improvements of jurisdiction system according to Urguay Round, (2) investigations on current trends of anti-monopoly/competitive law in the United States, European Union, Germany, France and the UK.

The project on consumer law surveys on administrative activities of the central and the local governments under changing situations of the contemporary Japanese life style. Recent deregulaitons and increasing individual responsibilities in the Japanese administration cause further discussions on fair transactions and the appropriate acts.

The project on labor law investigates proper reforms of the labor standard law in deregulations, especially considers effects of increasing danger on employment securities which has the priority in the labor standard law.