Section of Behavioral Science

The section of behavioral science is researching into the issues of people living in the industrialized society, through social psychology, personality psychology, organization psychology and group dynamics.

Some of the main research topics are as follows:

  1. Aspects of management ability and assessment, personnel development and career development in industrial organizations.
    1. Long-term, follow-up study of "How New College Graduates Acquire Different Roles in Japan's Industrial Organizations."
    2. Study of management ability assessment in Japan's industrial organizations.
    3. Study of Japanese people's lives and works in industrial organizations.
  2. Socio-psychological study of the Japanese people's adaptation to and assimilation of foreign cultures.
    1. Socio-psychological study of Japan's cultural structure: "Analysis of Sharp Birth Rate Reduction in 1996, the Unlucky Sexagenary Year."
    2. Study of the Japanese people's adaptation to foreign cultures: "Towards Cultural Assimilation."
    3. Socio-behavioral problems and challenges within the framework of "culture at crossroad."
  3. Basic research
    1. Experimental socio-psychological study of the Japanese people's human relations behavior through attributive approach.
    2. Basic study of relationship between handwriting and personality.
  4. Holding of seminars
    1. Seminars on Sentence Completion Test (general and specialized courses) have been held every year since 1968.
    2. Seminars on Human Resource Management are held monthly.

For futher details, refer to the periodical `Studies on Organizational Behavior and Human Performance'.