International economic law order:
International comparison of anti-monopoly/competitive law:
Consumer administration and consumer problem:
Insurance industry and anti-monopoly law:
Contemporary issues on unfair labor practice:
Contemporary issues on labor contract:
Work and family interface:
Mentaling and enpowerment in organization:
Information and communication:
Internal labor market:
Human resource management by foreign capital company:
Wage system in globalization:
Market theory:
Labour market theory:
Statistical method:
Input-output analysis:
International trade and direct investment:
Global environment and economic activity:
Economic behavior under uncertainty:
Heterogeneous expectation in options, futures and the other markets
  • Heterogeneous expectation: modeling price mechanism of commodity future
  • Investigation of exchange rate future
  • Researching expectation formation processes and the role of information
Labor market and deregulation
Mirai-Kaitaku Project:
Pacific Asia's sustainable development and future technology
  • Working Group 1: Compiling international input-output tables for energy and environment in East and South East Asia
  • Working Group 2: LCA on future technology and economic evaluation
  • Working Group 3: De-sulphur activity and coal utilization, database for future technology
  • Working Group 4: Action programs on environmental improvemnets in inland China
  • Working Group 5: Econometric models for Asia inter-regional economies and environmental policy evaluation