Keio Economic Observatory Occasional Paper


1984 No.1 Kuroda,M. and Imamura,H.,
"Quality Changes of Labor Input in Japan", 39P.
1985 No.2 Kuroda,M. and Yoshioka,K.,
"The Measurement of Sectoral Capital Input",26P.
No.3 Matsuno,K. and Higuchi,Y.,
"An Econometric Analysis of the Labor Supply of Married Females in Japan: A Model of the Choice between Part-time and Full-time Employment Opportunities", 61P.
No.4 Hamaguchi,N.,
"Structural Change in Japanese-American Interdependence: A Total Factor Productivity Analysis in an International Input-Output Framework", 115P.
No.5 Maki,A.,
"The Estimation of a Complete Demand System Using the Marginal Rates of Substitution", 26P.
No.6 Iwata,G.,
"The Anticipation Structure in the Financial Futures Options", 32P.
1987 No.7 Obi,K.,
"Observations vs. Theory of Household Labor Supply Vol.1",236P.
1988 No.8 Shi Li-He,
"An Analysis of The Production Function of The Technical Structure of Chinese Agriculture", 27P.
No.9 Obi,K.,
"Observations vs. Theory of Household Labor Supply Vol.2",138P.
No.10 Matsuno,K.,
"Formulation of a Quantal Response Model and Its Application to the Labor Supply of Married Females Facing Multiple Employment Opportunities",50P
1989 No.11 Inagawa,N.,
"Economies of Scale, Technology, and Intra-Industry Trade", 20P.
1991 No.12 Obi,K.,
"Household's Labor Supply Function in Terms of Numerical Income-Leisure Preference Field", 28P.
1992 No.13 Matsuno,K.,
"Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Choice Models: Labor Supply of Multiple Household Members", 37P.
1994 No.14 Obi,K.,
"An Equilibrium Model of Continually Heterogeneous Labor Market", 30P.
No.15 Obi,K.,
"Measurement of The Distribution of Reservation Wage Using Household Data: Price of Labor Form Preference Maps for income and Leisure", 30P.
1995 No.16 Robert Evans,Jr.,
"United States Labor Market Regulation", 17P.
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No.17 Robert Evans,Jr.,
"The Role of Fairness and Unity of Treatment in Japanese Labor Markets", 31P
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No.18 Hayami,H., Ikeda,A., Suga,M., Wong,Y.C. and Yoshioka,K.,
"The CO2 Emission Score Table for the Compilation of Household Accounts", 19P.
No.19 Hayami,H., Wong,Y.C. and Yoshioka,K.,
"Application of the Input-Output Approach in Environment Analysis in LCA", 21P.
No.20 Hayami,H., Ikeda,A., Suga,M., Wong,Y.C. and Yoshioka,K.,
"A Simulation Analysis of the Environmental Effects of Energy Saving Housing", 21P.
No.21 Fujiwara,K., Hayami,H., Ikeda,A., Suga,M., Wong,Y.C. and Yoshioka,K.,
"Recommending the Use of Blast Furnace Cement to Reduce CO2 Emission", 13P.
1998 No.22 Tsujimura,K. and Tsuzuki,S.,
"A Reinterpretation of the Fisher-Friedman Definition of Complementarity", 44P.
1999 No.23 Hayami,H. and Abe,M.,
"Labour demands by age and gender in Japan: Evidences from linked micro data",42P.