CDM small scale afforestation activity

Keio Economic Observatory (KEO) has conducted afforestation activity at Kangping County, Shenyang city, Liaoning Province China since 1999. This project started as a part of "Inter-Disciplinary Studies for Sustainable Development in Asian Countries" (Mirai Kaitaku Project) and has been develeoped through research projects in Keio University, such as Keio Research Projects, COE, and Keio Mirai Sendo Funds. KEO has planted almost every year over 500ha with more than 450,000 trees, mostly populus selected by the local Forest Agency. The CDM project proposes 370.98ha afforestation combatting desertification, and will produce 23,055 t-CO2 equivalent reduction with 20 year's crediting period as the PDD describes. The National Development and Reform Commision of the PRC admitted our project on March 2009. It permits no more than 30,000 t-CO2 Certified Emission Reductions. The Japanese Government certified our project on 4th December 2009.

Project Design Document (PDD) and the other documents

  • Our project in UNFCC Link
  • Project Design Document
  • Letter of Approval from the Chinese Government No. 1893 March 2009
  • Letter of Approval from the Japanese Goverment December 2009
  • Outline of the project from the Japanese Goverment (in Japanese) 22nd December 2009
  • the Japanese Goverment Press release (in Japanese) 22nd December 2009
  • History

  • Summary of the Activity A Brief History with the references, and contributions
  • Photo Collection
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